The Chilean Miners Teach Us About Leadership

What a relief to know that the miners in Chile have come out safe and sound.  How did they do it?  They lived in very tight quarters with little food and no comforts for a very long 68 days.  Could you live with your co-workers that long? It’s hard enough getting along with a spouse over a long weekend, let alone for 68 days straight.

Miners are Freed

Chileans celebrated in Santiago after hearing of the survival of the 33 miners.

As the weeks unfold, we’ll learn more about their coping strategies.  What we know right now is that they made their shift supervisor into their leader.  How quickly his skills had to emerge as he faced the challenge of keeping the peace among all parties and, more importantly, keeping their HOPE alive.  For ages, people have debated the question: “Are leaders born or developed?”  In this situation, the crisis helped to develop the leader, but surely he had some innate talents that enabled him to use his abilities when they were most needed.  Each day we all can take a look at the challenges we face and use them to develop our talents.


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